Latest News

1 February 2016

Kisê version 0.9.5 is released.

Good news for everyone:

  • Kisê is now fully autotool chained;
  • it depends on Grip [prev. 'common'] also fully autotool chained;
  • both Kisê and Grip run strict dependency checks @ configure time;
  • both install compiled modules, shared among all users.

Other than that, known bugs have been fixed, see org/ if your are interested, and:


  • all copyright years range updated;
  • org, pot, po and texi files now have copyright headers;
  • icons are now in svg not png;


  • Kisê's application script launcher code reviewed;
  • fixing things so Kisê works with Guile-2.2 [1];
  • database correctness/automatic update(s) control mechanism added;


  • fixing <gtk-spin-button> float values not honoring 1 decimal only [2].


Note that the documentation is still a mock-up, but:

  • texi files fixed to compile against Texinfo >= 5.2;


  • rephrasing some of the draft summary output;
  • default draft report subsection and footskip vertical space review.


  • Kisê's web-pages have been entirely rewritten using sxml. As you will spot, they also now share their design, global procedures and css definitions with Grip's web-pages.

[1] note that Guile-2.2 has an unfixed GOOPS related bug which, until solved, makes it impossible to run Kisê; [2] we still need to fix this problem for the liststore.

Older News

3 March 2014

Kisê version 0.9.4 is out!

This release is the first that implements the long promised import/unimport functionality. In its current implementation, it allows to add, remove and re-import other user's kisê database:

A version which will let users export an active filter based subset of their time keeping entries is under work.

The database schema has been modified, you will be offered to automatically migrate yours:

If you are already using Kisê, make a backup of your database(s), you can never be too careful!

Imported databases are automatically associated with a colour, which allows the user to visually distinguish imported time keeping entries from one another and from his own entries.

Other than that, known bugs have been fixed [see org/ if your are interested]. Finally:


  • right marging set to 25mm;
  • better logo positioning/resizing algorithm - note that specifying a logo must still be done manually, in the config file: ~/.config/kise.conf.


  • very little has been done, but for the record, the preface, the introduction and the appendix [license] sections are now complete.


  • the menubar icons size has been reduced to its minimum size, so that they all are visible even in kisê's smallest main window size.


  • last but not least: so far, kisê's web pages used a non free font, not good! looking for free fonts, for quite a long time - - we finally selected jura: quite a few adaptations to kise.css and kisê's web pages, all done, we're totally clean now!

21 January 2013

Kisê version 0.9.3 is out!

This is essentially a known bugs fixed release:

  • the combination of a date and one or several text filter criteria, one of them at least using one of the & | ! [and, or, not] operator was not returning the proper subset of entries. we believe it has been fixed, but further tests and feedback are more then welcome!;

  • since version 0.9.2 Kisê's user configuration file - ~/.config/kise.conf - keeps track of its main window's position, but this revealed a bug in the writing procedure, leading to Kisê asking which database it should use, even when the user did check the 'please reuse this database for future sessions' option of the open database dialog: very annoying, sorry for the inconvenience, it has been solved as well;

  • in a very specific situation, we believe no users has faced it, the database name displayed aside the 'List of entries' frame title would be incorrect;

  • other then these 2 important and 1 minor bugs fixed, Kisê's user configuration file now also keeps track of its main window's size.

27 December 2012

Kisê version 0.9.2 is out!

Although not yet available to users, the import backend functionality has been added, which requires an update of previous database schema versions:

If you are already using Kisê, make a backup of your database(s), you can never be too careful!

In addition, we fixed some known bugs, and:

  • popup menus - internal - signal handlers have all been redesigned in order to resolve a performance problem.

18 August 2012

Kisê version 0.9.1 is out!

In addition to the usual known bugs fixed:

  • the filter criteria - fc - date field now accepts a range;

  • fc text fields handle & | ! (and, or, not) operators, such as in 'demu & demi | dema ! demand';

  • this version now adapts itself, at launch time, to the user's Xft.dpi (X font rendering - dot per inches) and/or resolution scale factor;

  • filter criteria ON/OFF icons has been redesigned;

  • finally, uite a lot of little details in the presentation, widgets sizes, tooltip text messages and status bars infos have received some care.

30 December 2011

Kisê version 0.9.0.alpha is out!

It is announced for the first time on guile-gtk-general at gnu dot org. This is a development release, accessible to testers and developers only. On purpose, no tarball has been produced.