Alto Software is a Free Software micro consultancy specialized in functional programming. Founded in 1990, we work for universities, research labs, space agencies, ngos and some industries.

Our focus is on symbolic processing, parallel computation, database, and computer vision.

Our main prototyping and development tool is the Guile Scheme language, which, coupled to Geiser, really rocks!

"Guile is a delightful medium for making crafty programs, from the most ephemeral scripts to long-lived systems that you can rely on for years."

"Guile takes the elegant Scheme programming language, integrates it with the POSIX environments that you know and loathe and love, and wraps it all up in a responsive, hackable environment that nurtures programs from the small up to the large."

Andy Wingo

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Latest News

June 2018

GNU Foliot version 0.9.8 is released.

This is a maintenance release, bringing GNU Foliot up-to-date with Grip-0.2.0. In addition, the default installation locations changed, and there is a new configure option.

For a summary of visible changes since version 0.9.7, visit Foliot News page. For a complete description, visit Foliot git summary and Foliot git log.

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