Alto Software is a Free Software micro consultancy specialized in functional programming. Founded in 1990, we work for universities, research institutes, laboratories, space agencies, ngos and some industries.

Alto Software also maintains and contributes to many important projects in Free Software, such as GNU G-Golf, GNU Guile-CV, GNU Foliot, Guile-Lib, Guile-SQLite3 and more ...


Alto Software R&D and consultancy services focus exclusively on Free Software projects:

We do not sign non-disclosure agreements, and we frequently welcome outside collaborators who express interest in the project.

Alto Software has connections to the Free Software community and other front-line highly knowledgeable engineers.

Once your R&D or consultancy project has been accepted, we will provide support resources from our engineering network, pulling in other engineers if necessary. We also handle billing and price negotiation.

We prototype and develop using the Guile Scheme language.